Mental Health Case Management Program


Bhutanese community in the USA is going through a rough phase so far as the mental health well-being is concerned. In the last eight years history of habitation in the country more the fifty invaluable lives have already been lost by hurting self. There are extremely subtle concerns deeply rooted in the cultural, linguistic and occupational sensitivities and skills addressing which has been a challenge for the competent mainstream agencies due to cultural and linguistic competency.

In such a background BAOP offers case management for the emotional wellbeing employing two competent part time (50%) case managers. The combination of the managers has ingeniously addressed the gender and geographical concerns where a manager with long career in public health background back in Bhutan and Nepal is dedicated for the population in the North east and a young, energetic and committed lady manager at the south location.

Cases are entertained Monday through Friday 9am-5pm where in appropriate referrals are made depending on the need to existing programs and places within the organization and in the city. Referrals are both of clinical and non-clinical natures- some example of non-clinical referrals are- English Language classes at the community center, Yoga sessions, outdoor trips, movie shows, prayer groups organization etc. 

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